Free online Open Port Checker - Check Port Forwarding

Port check – Check if TCP port is opened on specified IP, Using Open Port Check Tool can verify Port Forwarding on Your Router/Firewall.

Online Port Checker is an online tool to accessibility of remote computer or device from the Internet. Online Port Checker can be used to check ports on a local or remote server. Port check tool checks if TCP is opened on specified IP or NOT. This toll test if port forwarding is correctly setup on the router or if port is being blocked by your firewall. Open port checking tool can check open ports on public IP. Open Port Checker tool test port forwarding setup and find open ports in your network or in your computer.

What is port forwarding?

Port Forwarding is a configuration setting on the router, which allows to redirect specified external requests to computers or other devices on the local network or public network. Port forwarding is setup is done in the router or firewall, in which request arriving on particular port is redirected to another IP or ports.

Frequently Used Ports

20-21-FTP File Transfer Protocol
22-SSHSecure Shell - "secure shell". Protocal
23-telnetTerminaL Network Protocol.
25-SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol.
43-WHOISWho is Protocal
53-DNSDomain Name System - Domain Name System Protocal
67-DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
69-TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol
80-HTTP / WebHyperText Transfer Protocol
110-POP3Post Office Protocol Version 3
115-SFTPSSH File Transfer Protocol.
123-NTPNetwork Time Protocol.
143-IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol.
161-SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
194-IRCInternet Relay Chat Protocol
443-HTTPSHyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
465-SMTPSSimple Mail Transfer Protocal our SSL
515-LPDLine Printer Daemon. Remote printing protocol
993-IMAP SSLProtocol IMAP, supports SSL encryption.
995-POP3 SSLPOP3 protocol supports SSL encryption.
1080-SOCKSSOCKet Secure..
3128-ProxyProxy Protocal.
3389-RDPRemote Desktop Protocol
5631-PCPC Anywhere Protocol
5900-VNCVirtual Network Computing Protocal
5938-TeamViewerTeamViewer Protocal.
8080-HTTP / WebAlternate port for the HTTP protocol.

How to close an open port?

Remove the all running program or service that opened the port in your computer. Antivirus scan may help to scan ports opened on your computer. Change the configuration setting in your firewall or router to stop port forwarding on your system or your computer.

How to check open port in computer?

Windows : Start → cmd → Open as Administrator → Type "netstat -bn"

Linux : Open a terminal, run the command: "ss -tln"